Speaker Series - Spring/Summer 2020

Monday 13 JanuaryNavigating a B-24: Experiences of a 19-year old in the South Pacific in 1945 - (135)

Tom Dahill, 2nd Lieutenant, US Army Air Corps, retired - he tells hos personal story of bombing missions in the New Guinea,                                                                                                                            South Philippines, Luzon, China and Western Pacific Campaigns during World War II.

Monday 10 FebruarySabotage & Science: How a team of Norwegian Commandos Prevented Hitler from Building the Atomic Bomb. - (136)

Bob Lewis, Captain USNR retired, Naval Aviator, Patrol Plane Commander in aircraft carrier- and later, shore-based patrol planes.       WWII, a hydro-electric plant high in the Norwegian mountains held the key to building an atomic reactor. The Germans raced to occupy   the plant; the Allies raced to destroy it. A group of Norwegian commandos changed the course of history.

Monday 9 MarchWartime Lessons that Have Informed Civilian Medicine - (Cancelled)

Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Chief Medical Officer, Lahey Hospital Burlington, of the lifesaving medical advances commonly used today came about from treating battlefield casualties.

Monday 13 April We Stood Our Ground -  (Postponed to August)

Monday 11 MayProsthetics – Past, Present, and Future - (Cancelled)

Arthur Graham, Certified Prosthetist and Clinical Mgr, Next Step Bionics & Prosthetic. Current technology and how the advent of bionic technology is changing how we are able to restore function to amputees considered impossible a few years ago. 

Monday 8 JuneCrash Landing: Gliders-The Flying Coffins of World War II - (137)

Jim Ramsey, former Navy Lieutenant and Seabee Company Commander in Vietnam Aircraft with no motors, no parachutes, canvas skins and wooden wings, these aviators deliberately crash landed behind enemy lines and then fought as infantrymen.

Monday 13 July - The Tragedy of the USS Indianapolis - (138)38)

Ben Begin, Former Navy Vietnam War Veteran, Seventy-five years ago, the USS Indianapolis received a Top Secret assignment: she was to deliver components of the atom bomb to Tinian, an island in the Pacific, for subsequent dropping on Hiroshima.

Monday 10 August - We Stood Our Ground  - (139)

Alex Cain, 30-year member of the Lexington Minute Men and historian extraordinaire, explains Lexington’s transformation in his book, “We Stood Our Ground.” Navy Vietnam War Veteran.


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